Video shows Southwest flight attendant in overhead bin - Business Insider

Video shows Southwest flight attendant in overhead bin - Business Insider

Passengers boarding a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville, Tennessee, found a surprise in the overhead compartments when they went to store their luggage: their flight attendant.

Veronica Lloyd, a passenger on the plane, tweeted a video clip Monday showing the bizarre moment, while also wondering what the crewmember was doing up there.

"I can't get over how weird I find this," she said. "@SouthwestAir please get it together."

Lloyd told Fox News that the flight attendant was in the overhead compartment for "a solid 10 minutes," lying on her side and stomach with her feet hanging out as the passengers boarded.

"It was very interesting," Lloyd told Fox. "I think she was doing it to try and be funny and make the passengers laugh."

Lloyd said that once the flight attendant came down from the overhead bin, it was a perfectly normal flight.

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In a statement provided to Business Insider, a spokesperson said that "Southwest Employees are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities."

"In this instance, one of our Flight Attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with Customers during boarding. Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest Crews always maintain Safety as their top priority."

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